1 hr - $125.00

The best of both worlds for skin refinement, non-invasive Dermaplaning® serves two purposes. While skin is held taut, a single-use 10 gauge medical scalpel is firmly skimmed over the skin at a perfect 45-degree angle, swiftly removing vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). Simultaneously, the outermost layer of dulling dead skin cells is whisked away, leaving skin velvety soft and fully receptive to secondary exfoliation and or maximum absorption of active ingredients. Although newly popular in mainstream beauty media, Dermaplaning is a classic professional skin treatment suitable for all skin types and conditions with the exception of active acne. Safe for pregnant and nursing clients, Dermaplaning is the perfect monthly treatment for keeping up with your skin resurfacing schedule.​ ​

Important: Not suitable for acneic or compromised skin. Please note that this service doesn’t come with steam or extractions. Cynthia Aesthetics provides result-oriented treatments. You must give your skin 7-10 days to respond to this treatment. Please keep in mind results will vary between individuals. Please discontinue all prescription topicals, over-the-counter AHA/BHA, retinoid and hydroquinone topicals, 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment. Your skin will have a hydrating glow at the end of the service.

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