Glow Treatment Kit

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Let’s Glow Up!

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This Glow Treatment Kit, consist of Science Meets Skin of Color top 9 products, to work synonymously together, for even skin and a glow up.


Pigment Cleanser

Pigment Elixir

Enzyme Treatment

Glow Exfoliant treatment

Glow Serum

Pigment Serum

Oxygenating Serum

Retinol Night Treatment

Pigment Hydrator

1 review for Glow Treatment Kit

  1. Asha Brown

    Cynthia created this kit for clients who wanted to have a “professional like” treatment in between going in for services with her. She originally stated that it was meant to be used for 7 days in row but let me tell you that this kit definitely lasts more than 7 days! I received my kit on June 24th and I use it every 3 days. As of today (Aug 9th) my kit is still not finished, but it’s almost done. All of the products spread veryyy well, so a little definitely goes a long way and you’re able to get more uses out of it. She is also great for giving samples of other products that could benefit your skin and threw in the PCA Enzyme w/ reservitol for free! There isn’t one product in the kit that I didn’t like and I have recently purchased 4 out of the 7 products in full sizes. Those products are the enzyme treatment, glow exfoliating treatment, pigment serum and oxygenating serum. The only reason I have not purchase the others in full size is because I already have cleansers, retinols, or moisturizers. Once those are finished, I plan to fully transition to Cynthia’s complete line, with the exception of PCA’s BPO cleanser and their hydrating spf. Since my last chemical peel in March, this kit, along with other products, have dramatically improved the texture of my skin. Even though I still suffer from hyperpigmentation, which has also greatly improved, I never realized how much an even texture could make my skin look “clear”. This has proven to be a great investment and I suggest you do the same! Thanks Cynthia!

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