Other Policies

Gift Certificate - Cynthia Aesthetics offers a wide variety of Gift Certificates during special occasions. Gift Certificates never expire. All gift certificate purchases can be used toward any service or products at Cynthia Aesthetics.  If you are a new client and received a Gift Certificate for Cynthia Aesthetics please follow new client steps and read the policy. Cynthia Aesthetics ONLY offers emailed or printable (on your end) Gift Certificates. Although under shop online the system may show gift cards can be purchased, Cynthia Aesthetics DOES NOT offer Gift Cards. Only 3rd party Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Gift Cards can be used at the time of check out. If you are interested in purchasing a Gift Certificate, proceed to do so by clicking on “Gift Certificate” in the navigation bar.

Credits - If you have any credits with Cynthia Aesthetics, the credits can only be redeemed at the time of an appointment. Credits CANNOT be used towards product purchases, gift certificate purchases, package/series purchase or applied towards a cancelation or no-show fee.

Pregnancy - Cynthia Aesthetics offers a wide variety of services and products if you are pregnant or lactating. Be sure to let Cynthia know right away if you are a return client. If you are a new client, in the “Female Client” portion of the online consultation form will address this topic. The day of your appointment, Cynthia will offer you water and extra pillows (If needed during your appointment). Your skin care treatment will be customized and tailored to your skin while keeping in mind, the many restrictions while pregnant and lactating. If you are a new client and you are pregnant or lactating, please proceed to follow the new client steps and read the policy. Cynthia Aesthetics offers Waxing and The Natural Brow Wax service to pregnant or lactating clients.

Brazilian Waxing/Laser - Being comfortable is my top priority. If you have a Brazilian Wax appointment booked and due to mother nature, your monthly cycle starts early, in the coming days of your appointment, please notify Cynthia immediately by text messaging 646-818-9602 to make special arrangements.

Sick/Cold/Flu/Virus  - If you have an appointment booked and you are feeling under the weather, sick, flu-like symptoms or you're not feeling like yourself, please notify Cynthia immediately by text messaging 646-818-9602 to make special arrangements.

Bad Weather - If you have an appointment booked on a day we experience bad weather, where it's not safe to travel, you can cancel your appointment on the same day of your appointment and not be charged as we cannot control mother nature. Safety is Cynthia Aesthetics top priority and may also need to close if traveling isn't safe.

Exercise - You cannot go to the gym, work out studio, swimming, or sports class 24-72 hours post-treatment. Cynthia will remind you at the time of your service when you can resume exercise activity.