Replenishing Products - All product orders MUST be placed online if you don’t have a current appointment with Cynthia. If you have an appointment with Cynthia and would like to purchase at the time of your appointment, all purchases can be done at the time of checkout.  No walk-ins to purchase products will be allowed. Product order’s can be placed by visiting the “Shop” section of this website or the "Shop" section of this app. Orders are not fulfilled upon placing your order, Cynthia must review your order to ensure it’s correct before your order is processed and fulfilled. Orders received during business hours are fulfilled as they come in, and a final receipt is sent. There are 2 ways to receive your product order, shipping or pick up in store.

Be certain it’s authentic PCA SKIN®

The safety and efficacy of PCA SKIN® products is my top priority. The only way to ensure you are buying authentic products is to purchase them through Cynthia Aesthetics LLC. Look-alike PCA SKIN® products can end up online, on an unauthorized website. I do not guarantee any products purchased through an unauthorized website, as the product may be expired, diluted, counterfeit and may not be safe to use. I cannot perform any Skin Treatments and will decline all services on clients that don't purchase PCA SKIN® through Cynthia Aesthetic’s Shop Online Store. This policy is put in place to ensure client's safety, and to prevent Cynthia Aesthetics being responsible or liable for any adverse effects, post-treatment.